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[GM] masterceil aLeaderCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Feb 27, 17

Greetings, Celestials! Check out the important links below, and keep an eye on this post for future updates!

  1. Guild Rules
  2. Guild Ranks
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More Celestial things!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted 5 hours ago

Hello, Guildies and friends!!

Another week is gone in the Celestial world and it has been another amazing week full of activities and fun!

The week started hunting world bosses, with the Argonauts.  Alderaan was the first destination, since we got reports that the Ulgo house built the Siegebreaker again! (They don’t learn. Who builds such a giant weapon machine and leave it there, to get rusty in the middle of a lake? Well, to be honest, we went for the conquest points, but Alderaan is a planet we always like to visit!)

We, of course, didn’t stop there, because the main reason for hunting world bosses is getting the <Priority Targets> mission done! So from Alderaan, we went to Belsavis to obliterate the Primal Destroyer! And after that, we moved to Quesh to destroy the Rogue Cartel Warbot!

This run was special, because when we were destroying the menace that the World Bosses mean to the galaxy, we found out that the Imperial commanders were also over there causing troubles, so we had to make sure that the planets ended up completely clean of threats so we took down commanders too!  

The Republic commanders didn’t end unharmed either, though! Because the Dreadnauts went to hunt them down!

But those commanders weren’t the only… So later in the week the Argonauts also had the Commander + Planetary run!  We went to Alderaan, taking down another commander over there, and also the Imperial champions for conquest points! But that wasn’t all, in one of the most epics commander runs, we went all over the Galaxy… Seems like the Imperials forgot what the Celestials are capable of, but we made sure to remind them! Commanders on Ilum, Hoth, Tatooine, Quesh, Belsavis, Voss and Corellia felt the Celestial power as well!

For Netflix and Chill, this week was the turn of The Ravagers! And it was really, really smooth! (No Blaster, we didn’t think you were though and “the boss” wasn’t either!)

The week was also full of groups for flashpoints and warzones and other operations!

Our raid teams keep progressing: No Quarter, in Republic side, had no problems with Tyth, and Aivela & Esne weren’t a challenge either! Also, Hard Mode Toborro’s Courtyard is almost in their hands! While The Senate & The Courts, Imperial Side, seem to have left the Dread Palace recharged, and they  cleared Hard Mode Scum & and Villainy and Dread Fortress in one night and with remaining time!

We also had our Introduction to Operations in both sides! The Dreadnauts went to Karagga’s Palace and the Argonauts to the Eternity Vault!

Raiding is an important part of the Celestials, so if you are interested in operations in any level (learn the basics or progressing through harder content), don’t be shy, let us know and join us! Though, if you are a new player, I'd really recommend you to read this awesome guide for PvE that I am sure is going to help you to improve!

For conquest, the Argonauts invaded Makeb and ended up in the 7th place of the board! Thanks to the World Eaters, legacies Megahan, Stalwart and Maric for their super hard work and to all the guildies who collaborate every week to keep placing! (You definitely would want to be a World Eater too if you click here!)

Keep up on the events section and in our discord channel to don’t miss anything and let us know here if you want to do something special that we aren’t currently hosting!

If you aren’t a Celestial, you are welcome to the family! Just fill an application form here or feel free to contact us if you have any question!

Until the next week!


We have fun everytime!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted Oct 9, 17

Hello, guildies and friends!!

Monday again, woot woot! And i am here again for more news in the Celestial World!

The week started one more time for the World Boss Hunt for the Argonauts! If those beasts think they are gonna beat us by insistency, they are really wrong, because the Celestials won't take any rest until we see the galaxy being a better place, and the Wolrd bosses don't help to fulfill that goal! (besides the fact that they are fun to kill, but let's just ignore this part)

This week, who suffered the Celestial power were Dreadtooth on Section X, the Battledroid R4-GL on Nar Shaddaa and then we took the winter suit to go to kill Snowblind and Gargath on Hoth! (If you are a new player and still low level, you can also join! I guarantee you'll have so much find with these group!)

Later in the week, the Imperial commanders weren't able to escape the Argonauts again! If they thought those maneuvers to get us confused were making us to give up, they were really, really wrong! We went back to our awesome commander runs and took down the commanders  on Voss, Quesh, Hoth and Ilum!

But that wasn't all... The Celestial enclave has received reports that the Republic commanders were also threatening the peace on the planets! And since we don't align, the Dreadnauts had another awesome commander run! We don't take sides, whoever threats peace and justice will be our target!

For Netflix and Chill, this week was a double run, through Hard Mode Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace! (After twenty thousand years, we wanna keep Soa awake everyweek!)

And also, for an off the cuff Hard Mode run on Saturday, the Dreadnauts with help of allies on the server, cleared out Hard Mode Dread Fortress!

Of course as always, groups for flashpoints and warzones have been going during all the week!

And for Introduction to Operations, the Argonauts went to Karagga's Palace and reduced him to scrap! (Don't be shy and join us on this! We love to teach and see new people learning ops!)

As you should know by this time, we really love conquest and we do our best everyweek! This time, the Argonauts got a not bad at all 6th place in the board on Ilum! Our World Eater leacies Megahan, Maric and Stalwart did an awesome job and got a total payout of 875,000 credits! (We keep giving rewards, don't you wanna be a World Eater? Find out more here!)

On the other hand, our raid teams keeps progressing a lot! After the past week No Quarter, Republic Side, is just about to get into Hard modes, they went through Temple of Sacrifice as if it was a kindergarden; while,as I have anticipated in the past report, the Dread Master regreted beating The Senate and the Courts, Imperial side, because they came back recharged and beat them up in Hard Mode!

If you are interested in organized raiding, we always have in mind to form new teams! Please let us know!

To finish, a reminder to keep up with our events in discord and the section events of this site! (you gotta be a member to see them) And also to don't be shy and leave your suggestions about events in here if you wanna do something especial with the guild!

And if you aren't a Celestial yet, but you like what you are reading, you can fill and application form here, or making us all the questions you like here!

Until the next week!


Seeking for more adventures

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted Oct 2, 17

Hello one more time, guildies and non-guildies!

The time passes really fast when you are having fun, and it is Monday again!

 We started the week with the Wolrd Boss hunt for Republic side! The Battledroid R4-GL avoided the Celestial fire the last week, but this one we made sure to leave it as melted junk! From Nar Shaddaa, we went to Aldeeran for more melted junk, reducing the Ulgo Siegebreaker one more time! From there, the Argonauts went to Belsavis, to smash the Primal Destroyer and then in excursion to Section X to take down Dreadtooth (we gave a long vacation to him; it was time to smash him again!

The best moment of the run, was when we went to Ziost, to take down the Worldbreaker Monolith!  As I have said already, we kill on demand and that was a great idea of one of our guildies!  We went to that place full of ashes and ruins and took down that giant monster! Now the Argonauts can add a new trophy to the wall! (It doesn't sound well, i know, but that giant creature is the last thing that ugly planet needs!)

For the "Netflix and Chill" event, this time was the turn of the Dreadnauts, who went in an incursion to Dread Palace! (Now that the Dread masters are dead, we have to decide which guildies keep each room of the Palace! I think I prefer to stay outside)

Besides those events, we had our always off the cuff groups for flashpoints and warzones

Our progression groups are actually improving a lot! "No Quarter", Republic Side,  are clearing their last Story modes, to make sure they are ready to step in Hard Mode! (If Revan dies that easy the next week too, will be a great signal) While "The Senate and the Courts",  Imperial Side, are going really well through hard mode already! (The Dread Masters gave them a hard time, but they are going to regret it!)

We do have planned to have more progression teams in the future, so if you are interested in being part of one, please let us know!!  

Saturday was an operations day for the Dreadnauts who went through Ravagers, Scum and Villainy and Hard Mode Terror from Beyond!

On Sunday, the Argonauts have had their introduction to operations in Eternity Vault, smacking Soa one more time! We enjoy a lot to teach operations to people, so don't be shy and join! We are patient and nice and nobody will judge you!

 And we really can't bear Soa's shit talking,  so the Dreadnauts went also into the Eternity Vault in a quick groupfinder run to kill him again!

 This week conquest was rough, crafting again, and we are still not ready... But anyway, i can't stop to mention our awesome World Eaters, legacies Megahan, Tairisiu and Stalwart, for their awesome job!! (What do we gotta do to convince you? Being a World Eater is awesome!!! Just click here and find out!)

Keep up in discord and in the events section to know all what we have scheduled, and don't hesitate to leave your suggestions for future events here!

And if you aren't a Celestial but you like what you are reading, you are invited to join us!! Just fill an application form here, or contact us if you have any doubt! 

Until the next monday!


One day, one operation

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMember posted Sep 25, 17

Greetings, Celestials and non-Celestials, guildies and Friends!

It’s just me, coming back to bring all the news in the Celestial world!

This week has been, literally, one day one operation, because it has been really full of them!

It has started with an ad hoc edition of Netflix and Chill, when the Drednauts went on a cruise to Dread Palace! And seems like punishing the Dread Master who habit there wasn’t enough, because the next day, in another ad hoc N&C, the Argonauts this time, went in an excursion to Darvannis to hunt down Styrak too!

But of course, operations are not all what we have done during the week, because the Argonauts also went in the World Boss Hunt! A great chance for the members to get involved into the guild activities, and also an introduction to group content for newbie players!! This time was the turn of Trapjaw for conquest points! (Poor thing, we don’t let him rest for more than a few weeks); then we left the hot of Tatooine to the snow of Hoth to hunt down Snowblind and Gargath (no, before you ask, we didn’t do a barbeque with the corpses); and to finish, we moved to the Alderaan to hunt down the Ulgo Siebebreaker, who threatens the peace in that beautiful planet! (Even though that droid will be the less of their problems in some thousands years, but that’s not our business right now).

The Argonauts as well, attempted to do the Commander and Planetary run! But sadly, the Ilum guy was the only brave enough to stay at the base with the Celestials approaching! (They better be prepared because the next time we find them, we are gonna be recharged). Though, we didn’t let that stop us, we also crushed the  Imperial base on Tatooine to get us some conquest points! And that wasn’t all, because as I said, one day one operation, after that we went to the Eternity Vault to take down Soa one more time! (after 20 thousand years, I hope he at least have fun when we kill him).

Then it was the real and official “Netflix and Chill”, on Friday. And for this week, was the turn of Dread Fortress! (Seems like all the N&C runs this week were directed against the Dread Masters!)

And Soa didn’t get peace on Saturday either, because he got slaughtered one more time in the Introduction to Operations” event! (Do you want to learn ops? Don’t be shy and join!!)

And on Sunday, was Karagga who felt the Celestial power!

But as usual, we also have groups for flashpoints and warzones going during the whole week!

We didn’t focus a lot in conquest this week, but anyhow, the Argonauts made it into the 5th place of the Black Hole board!! And we need to thanks as always to our awesome World Eaters for the great work they have done! Legacies Megahan, Maric and Tairisiu get the 3 first spots this week, and earned a total payout of 1,050,000 credits!! But also thanks to all the guildies who contributed more or less to get this nice place! (I can’t believe that you don’t want to be a World Eater! Find out how to do it here!)

Before finishing, a little reminder to keep up on the events section, in the site or in discord, to don’t miss any of the fun stuff!

And also a reminder that you shouldn’t be shy and you should leave your suggestions about events here, if you wanna do something special with the guild!

If you aren’t a Celestial and you would like to join the family, you can fill an application here, or contact us to answer your questions if you are doubtful about something!

Until the next Monday!


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