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[GM] masterceil aLeaderCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Feb 27, 17

Greetings, Celestials! Check out the important links below, and keep an eye on this post for future updates!

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Explore & Parkour

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Mon at 21:56

Hello, guildies and friends!!

A new and very enjoyable week has ended in the Celestial world, and, as always, I am here to bring the most important news to you!

We are getting used to the new home and we are really happy with it, there are lot of new people which means new potential friends, and new potential members of this great family!

At the moment I am writing this, we have just finished the first run of a new branded event of the guild: Explore & Parkour! You may think “what is this all about?”, well, no more no less than datacron hunting!! These event is hosted on the Argonauts side every week and believe me, you’ll love to join!

Today we started with Tython, Ord Mantell and two of the five on Coruscant, we are going to keep going through every planet in order, so if you are missing any of them, or just wanna help out the guildies to get theirs (bring them sage pulls, pretty please!), you are more than welcome to join!

 That, of course, wasn’t the only thing we did during the week. We have had another great Commander run with the Argonauts! Looks like the fate of the galaxy is still on our hands and we gotta protect the innocent lives! (Also expand the Deep Horizon and the Chimera of Dread, but that’s on another note). The past week we took down two named commanders on Belsavis and Ilum and another unnamed on Hoth!

Our progression groups keep going! What did I say the last week? Let me quote exactly: “You are going to regret it soon Operator IX, you’ll see”… Guess what? Operator IX did regret it! Because No Quarter finally took it down in Hard Mode and they are ready to keep progressing through more content!

The Senate and The Courts had to take a break for the week but I bet they are going to come back recharged and make big progress in NiM!

In the meantime, the third group, We don’t like sand, is still in the process of forming! They are going to start straight into hard mode, so if you want to participate, you know your class well, and you know the operations in story mode (preferably), raise your hand and show your interest, you could get a spot!

As always, random groups for uprisings, flashpoints, operations and warzones have been going during the whole week! And Xenoanalyst got really farmed on Saturday!

Conquest is finally back! Sadly we couldn’t get into the board this week, seems like we gotta shake the dust and get into rhythm again… But anyhow, thanks and congratulations to our World Eaters this week, legacies Lastop, Tairisiu and Amnel! They did a great effort, and even if they didn’t get the big monetary price, nobody can quit them the honor and glory! (Really? You don’t wanna be a World Eater too? I don’t believe it, click here and learn how!!)

What remains to say is that if you don’t wanna miss all the fun, you should really keep up with the events in the site or in our discord! And if you have any suggestions of events you’d like to run, you should let us know here!

And of course, if you aren’t a Celestial yet and you want to join us, you can just fill an application form here or contact us if you have doubts and we are going to solve them!

Until the next Monday!


Enjoying the new home!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Nov 14, 17

Hello, Celestial and Non –Celestials! Guildies and friends from the Star Forge!

First Monday after the server merge, which means first report after the server merge!

And yes, it has been a really interesting week in the Celestial world! I am going to stop exaggerating about how bad is the lack of conquest since it’s supposed to come back tomorrow! (It better does)

The server merge found us also with a guild merge! The Jawa Junk Hoarders, from Jedi Covenant, decided to unite their forces with us from now, so say “hello and welcome” to them, since they are now part of the Celestial family! (Haven’t you met them yet? You are going to like them for sure!)

As an official welcome to them, we did an ad hoc edition of Netflix and Chill, and we went to Darvannis to take down Styrak! (I feel bad for his innocent pet, but the Dread Master shit talked too much! No dear, we are not ready to obey!)

And as if it wasn’t enough action, and because if the threats to the galaxy don’t rest, the Celestials don’t rest either, we went to take down Imperial Commanders right after!

For the official Netflix and Chill run, we went again with awesome fellows in the server to take down the Ancient Threat at Yavin 4, one more time!  (Killing that thing is not what I would call “chill” but it was a lot of fun!!)

Our progression teams keep progressing (as repetitive as it could sound): No Quarter, Republic Side is again working in HM Terror From Beyond! (You are going to regret it soon Operator IX, you’ll see). The Senate and the Courts, Imperial Side, are stepping into Nightmare Mode with Scum and Villainy! And a third team, We Don’t Like Sand, is in the process of forming and hopefully they’ll start running soon!

Both sides, Dreadnauts and Argonauts had their Introduction to Operations event! The Dreadnauts went to Dread Fortress and the Argonauts to Karagga’s Palace with great results!! If you are new to the game, or new to raiding, don’t hesitate to join it’s a lot of fun and you’ll learn a lot in a friendly environment!!

If conquest does come back tomorrow, or for when it comes back, remember that World Eaters are an awesome thing, and make sure to be one!!

Remember to keep up with the upcoming events in our discord and website and make sure to leave your suggestions about events if you have something you’d like to run!

To finish, if you aren’t a Celestial and you are looking for a new home on The Star Forge, you can fill and application here or contact us if you have any doubts!

Until the next Monday!


[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMembero I am sure the jawas in our guildship would appreciate it :d
Lirrus CouncillorMember Definitely a fun first week for us, thanks for the warm welcome! Though now we don't know what to do with all this ...

Ancient Threat, Ancient Dead!

[O] Sol aCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Nov 6, 17

Hello, Celestials and Non-Celestials!

-Week N° 2 without conquest, the provisions are starting to run low, the crew is getting confused, are we going to lose our minds and end up eating each other? Will we survive?-

Sorry, sorry, I am just exaggerating over here… But it does feel weird!! Luckily the time goes fast, the server merge is really close and the conquest will come back soon! (If BioWare didn’t lie to us)

But in the meantime the Celestials keep working to save the galaxy from its threats!

In an especial edition of Netflix and Chill we summoned our forces with the greatest allies in the galaxy to finally defeat the Ancient Threat! It required an entire army of the best Jedis, Troopers and Scoundrels to take down one of the most dangerous hazard we have faced!

Our progression groups keep getting better and better! For No Quarter, Republic Side, the new shiny tank seems to be what they were looking for, and they are expecting to get back into Hard Modes really soon! The Senate and The Courts took revenge in the tanks on Explosive Conflicts Hard Mode and got to Kephess, but seem like our god and savior wasn’t so benevolent this time, they’ll make it the next one for sure!

During the week we did also random groups for warzones, flashpoints and operations!

The Argonauts had a new edition of Introduction to Operations and we are anxious to take more and more new people into them! So don’t be shy and join us on this if you want to learn, patience guaranteed!

Remember to keep up about all our events in Discord and the events section in the website and don’t hesitate to ask us for the activities you want to do here!

Also remember that when the Conquest is back, the World Eaters will be back too and you will probably like to be one too!

And if you aren’t a Celestial and you want to be one, please leave an application form here!

Until the next week!




Taiga CouncillorMemberRaiderWarrior I agree with sol <3

No Conquest? No Problem!

[GM] masterceil aLeaderCelestialCouncillorMembero posted Oct 31, 17

Hello, guildies and friends!

It is the end of another week in the Celestial world!!

A weird week, because the lack of conquest kind of took out of us the excuse to do stuff for conquest points... I bet the Ulgo House is mounting a party right now because we haven't killed their droid again (yet)

But we adapt and overcome, so that doesn't mean that we didn't had a great and fun week!!

The world boss hunt for the Argonauts got replaced with a hilarious speed run on Karagga's Palace!  (If you haven't been in voice with us you don't know what you are missing!)

Then, on Wednesday we did some kind of off the cuff Netflix and Chill, with a super smooth run through Explosive Conflict! Kephess didn't even know what hit him!

The Argonauts did also the Commander run!! No champions this week because who the fuck kills champions if it is not for sweet conquest points?? But at least we got some more plans for the Deep Horizon to expand!

In organized raiding, No Quarter, Republic Side, is launching a new shiny tank, so they went a couple of steps back to see how it goes... The runs through Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice went really well! Hope it means they left the curse behind! While The Senate and The Courts went for Hard Mode Explosive Conflict! (The tanks trolled them with alternative tactics, but the Dreadnauts' raid team will prevail!)

It feels really weird to not have World Eaters to congratulate (give conquest back, Bioware, please!!) But be aware that World Eaters are a thing and you could be one too when conquest comes back!!

Remember to check out for the events we are doing here in the site and especially in our Discord! And don't be shy, if you wanna suggest something fun to do, please do it!!

If you aren't a Celestial yet, you are welcome to fill out an application form! Join this crazy unusual family!!

Until the next week!


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